Sunday 26 March 2017 at 2;30 p.m

Dear Members,

Please find Agenda for AGM which will be held on Sunday 26 March 2017 at 2;30 p.m :

2.Approval of minutes of last AGM
3.President's report
4.Treasurer's report
5.Approval of Final Accounts for year 2016
6.Approval for Budget for year 2017-2018
7.Nomination of 2 auditors
8.Election of Executive Committee Members: 6 Members for 2 years
9.A.O B.

Please find list of candidates:

1.Ah Sue Alain
2.Chen Sem Shirley
3.Chu Fung Leung Bernard
4.Foo Kune Christian
5.Koon Kam King Regis
6.Leung Wing Heng James
7.Li Chap Yin Bernard
8.Li Hi Shing Alain
9.Li Wai Man Michael
10.Ong Seng Michel
11.Venpin Jean Philippe
12.Wong Tin Niam Roger
13.Yan Too Sang Sydney

Voting will take place according to the item in the agenda.

Please note only compliant members will be allowed to vote.

Kind Regards,
Georges Chung

Club Manager
Hua Lien